Closure and Bad Weather

In extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow, it may be necessary to close the academy to students.

The decision to close the school because of bad weather is usually taken in consultation with the Local Authority and other schools in the local area. Most teaching staff drive long distances to school and therefore if conditions are poor we would not have sufficient members of staff to look after pupils. If the decision is made to close the school a member of staff will be in school to answer telephone enquiries.

Local radio stations will also be informed so we advise you to listen to one of the stations listed below:

  • Radio Suffolk (104.6, 103.9 ,95.5 and 95.9FM) – reports should be broadcast at 10 minutes past and 20 minutes to the hour
  • SGR.FM (96.4FM) or Q103 – school closures are reported regularly

If the weather is bad during the day and the decision to close is made, pupils will not be sent home without first informing parents.