Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to create a school community where every child feels happy, safe, confident and valued. We aim to ensure that every child excels and can be proud of their achievements.

Principles and Ethos

At Glade Academy, we truly believe that ‘every child matters’. We believe in a well-structured, personalised and responsive approach to teaching and learning, ensuring every child is able to participate, progress well and achieve their maximum potential.

We have a culturally diverse student population, which we believe further enriches our school community, promoting tolerance and understanding.

We work hard to strengthen the link between learning and teaching by engaging pupils – and their parents – as partners in learning.

We believe children learn best when they feel happy, safe, secure, confident and valued. We use the ‘Glade Hand’ to promote the following values:

Group Work
The connections between people are important. Our school is the centre of a community of learners where children, staff, parents and governors can all learn together to secure brighter futures.

Listening and Speaking
Language is how we learn and good communication allows us to work together to achieve success. We are approachable and tolerant to ensure every voice is heard and valued.

How we behave affects other people. We promote respect, tolerance, kindness and honesty. Our school is a place of happiness, safety and hard-work.

We have goals and high ambitions which we work hard to achieve. We will all succeed and achieve our full potential, no matter what our starting points.

We are proud of our inclusive community. We are a dynamic team made stronger through difference, diversity and individuality.