PE and Sports Premium

Up until the academic year 2019/2020, the Government is making available to all schools a sum of money annually to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within schools and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money presently equates to £16,000 per school per year plus an additional £10 per child. At Glade Academy we aim to ensure improvements in PE provsion and increased participation rates are sustainable by:

      • Employing specialist PE staff
      • Upskilling staff through CPD
      • Purchasing high quality resources to support the teaching and assessment of PE
      • Providing a range of sporting clubs for pupils

You can download details of how we spend our  Sports Premium 2018 2019 here.

2016/17 Report

Forest Heath Sports Partnership (FHSP) and coach contacts were purchased with this money. We are members of the local sports partnership which gives us entitlement to lots of benefits including:

  • Coaching courses for staff, arranged competitions and tournaments, reduced transport fees, reduced price resources through Maude sport, 4 x 6 hour coaching sessions for a range of sports. Ian is an excellent bank of knowledge and will always ensure high quality coaches are offered. During the summer term FHSP will provide a cricket coach for Y5 and Y6 PE lessons and a Tri Golf and Tennis coach for Y3 and Y4 lessons
  • Specialist coaches for class and after-school clubs are paid out of the sports premium. Street Dance for one session a week and Dale Stokes from JD coaching provides two sessions a week. The sessions that he runs vary, depending on the time of year and what competitions we are training for. He has been offering multi skills, football and athletics
  • Transport to competitions and tournaments (including G&T workshops)
  • The school has an excellent bank of equipment thanks to the sports premium. Pupils are more active as a result as they do not have to share (footballs, basketballs).
  • A new mat trolley and mats for the drama studio. This has helped the gymnastics lessons because the mats are easier to put out and clear away
  • An electric ball pump has been purchased, this means that time is not used up pumping balls up by hand
  • A scheme of work for all years and all sports was purchased from the School Sports Partnership. This has been distributed to the teachers who are involved in delivering PE lessons. This has been very useful as consistent teaching is now occurring across the school

Impact of SSP at Glade

  • Increased pupil confidence (when representing the school)
  • More active PE lessons (increased range of equipment)
  • Access to more competitions and Gifted and Talented workshops through the partnership
  • Specialist coaches hired to support teaching (dance, cricket, multi skills golf)

Celebrating Achievement

Certificates are awarded to every pupil who represents the school in competition, and all children who finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd on sports day receive a medal and certificate. Gifted and Talented Through the sports partnership, those pupils identified as G&T attend workshops at least twice a year. G&T pupils are encouraged to play a teaching role in most PE lessons. They help with refereeing small games, help to explain and introduce tactics to their small sided games.